It’s time to go zero emissions.

Electric vehicles are our future. And the faster we as a community can adopt them, the faster all our lives improve that much more. But to make that happen faster, we need more cars on the road. We thought if we could make it easier for everyone to see how much electric cars have changed – then maybe we could get more cars on the road – faster.

So we’re starting by offering 7-day test drives on almost every electric car available in London. We think if you have a zero-emission car for a week, you’ll really see if it’s right for you.

And if that’s the case, we’ll make buying or leasing it super easy and painless. We work with brilliant lenders and all of the London dealerships to help you get the right electric car. And we do it by taking care of all the details of leasing or buying a car.

We’re also going to be the hub for all things EV. Making all the jargon and information about EVs easy to understand. All so you feel super comfortable getting an electric vehicle.
So join us in making the switch faster and making our communities even healthier.

Because together we’re electric.

The Founders

WeVee was founded by three very different characters that share many different passions:

  • Family

  • Community

  • Health

  • Awesomeness

We’re just regular people.
We’re not sales guys trying to get all your cash or push you to get something that’s not right for you. We’re not rich and detached from the everyday. We’re dudes (almost all) in our 40’s feeling more than ever the importance of family, friends and community. And we wanna make a small difference in helping them.

We’re also really funny.
Well, most of us.
One of us.

Profile - PF.jpg

Paul Fagan


A business brain with deep expertise who has sucessfully built a number of companies in the vehicle and leasing industries.

Profile - CW.jpg

Chad Warner


A creative genius who's helped build some of the biggest brands only to watch them crumble because of his decisions.

Profile - RN.jpg

Rafique Nadaf


An international operations guru who has exceptional customer and business relationships at the core of his DNA.