Audi AI:ME Concept Car

The Audi AI:ME joins fellow electric concept cars – the Audi AI:CON, Audi AI:RACE and Audi AI:TRAIL – in predicting what our futures might look like. Spoiler alert: autonomous driving. Unveiled at the 2019 Shanghai Motor Show, the AI:ME is like the Audi A2, a small-ish urban run-around. Except this is a concept car designed to tackle the future megacity. With Artificial Intelligence. The Audi AI:ME might not be driving you away for a while (if ever, no one knows if it will actually go into production), but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on driving a next-gen electric city car. Check out the VW ID.3, SKODA Enyaq and the BMW i3. Then if you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


In the beginning...
The Audi AI:ME is all about the lights. They’re everywhere. And they’re here to take over. As the AI:ME is intended to be fully autonomous, the lights will apparently communicate with other cars and other humans, taking away the need for the driver to do anything other than sit back and look awesome.


A  self-driving masterpiece
If the thought of a self-driving car still sends chills down your spine, then there will still be a steering wheel, making it ‘Level 4 autonomous’. But when autonomous mode is chosen, this wheel retracts into the large wooden dash, turning the interior of the Audi AI:ME into a Shoreditch coffee shop. If you don’t mind handing full control over to the EV, then pop on the in-vehicle VR system from Holoride. Let your car drive as the car’s movements are mirrored in the headset while you play VR games. Right.


Portable nature
The AI:ME has room for four, spread over a 2.77m wheelbase, enclosed in a bubble of purified air and hanging plants in the rear. (Yes, really). The whole idea is that passengers reconnect to nature even while in the city, turning the Audi AI:ME into a travelling oasis. The in-built Artificial Intelligence will also learn users’ preferences over time, reacting to eye movement, touch and voice.

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