Audi AI:TRAIL Concept Car

The Audi AI:TRAIL is the fourth member of Audi’s all-electric concept line up, joining the Audi AI:CON, AI:RACE and AI:ME in showing us what the future of electric mobility might look like. And so far, it looks pretty good. Introduced at the 2019 IAA in Frankfurt, the AI:Trail looks like the perfect companion to Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck for when he finally colonises Mars. Cool. The AI:TRAIL hasn’t landed on this planet yet, so if you’re after an electric all-terrain vehicle, have a look at the Mercedes EQC, Peugeot e-2008 or the Tesla Model X. If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Yes, someone actually designed this
You can’t escape the futuristic dune buggy looks of the AI:TRAIL. Looking like it just rolled off an intergalactic production line, the AI:Trail is Audi’s take on the future of electric off-roading. Equipped with a true quattro all-wheel drive, there’s 1000Nm of torque ready to propel you instantly over any terrain.


Baggsy the back seat
The AI:TRAIL, like its sibling the AI:ME, will also be Level 4 autonomous, giving you the choice of driving, or letting the car drive for you. It should have a range of 248-310 miles that you can churn out on the huge 22-inch wheels and 34cm ride height, with the ability also to wade through half a metre of water. Perfect for the school run then.


It can go anywhere
The front two passengers in the AI:TRAIL are treated to lightweight shell seats, while those in the back can sink into the hammock-style seating that can also be removed and used as outdoor chairs. But even cooler than that are the actually out-of-this-world Audi Light Pathfinder headlights. Five rotorless, electrically operated drones with matrix LED elements fly in front of the car and illuminate the way ahead. We’re not kidding you.

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