BMW iNEXT Concept Car

Dismissing the BMW iNext as a Bugs Bunny caricature on wheels is to miss the point entirely – this buck-toothed concept is actually the Bavarian’s first all-electric SUV. More than that though, the iNext is packed with autonomous tricks and creative tech and still promises to do the ‘driving pleasure’ bit BMW always bangs on about. There’s no denying that the iNext is tardy to this EV SUV party though, meaning there’s already plenty of choice if you want to lease in the UK right now. So how about the Jaguar I-PACE, Audi e-Tron, Mercedes EQC or Tesla Model X instead? Pick your fave then if you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Next level

Tasked with creating a "Favourite Space", the designers behind BMW pulled some serious innovation out of the bag when it came to the iNEXT. Check it.


So shiny
The iNext interior is all about chilling out. There’s acres of space, and colours that’d raise eyebrows at a mindfulness retreat – stuff like Purus Rosé, Mystic Bronze and – bit ironic for an EV – petrol-coloured Enlighted Cloudburst. Thankfully there’s also autonomous tech in case you get so chilled out you’re no longer capable of driving. Unsure where the front wheels are pointing when you wake up? A polygonal steering wheel is here to help – flattened at top and bottom, curved on the sides, it’s sure to help you avoid the vast majority of accidents. Just don’t forget your meditation crystals.


With the wave of a hand...
Touchscreens? Buttons? Pah! BMW says there’ll be hardly any of them where it’s going. Instead, most functions in the iNext can be operated by prodding and swiping surfaces including the sustainable wood or smart Jacquard cloth upholstery. BMW calls it Shy Tech. Careful on that pronunciation. We said ‘most functions’, so there is still a curved display to present crucial info and it appears to levitate over the instrument panel.

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