• Bollinger

Bollinger Trucks just got electrified

No, we’re not talking about the champagne (sorry). But producing electric trucks that are equally as lovely (though the two shouldn’t be mixed), are new kids on the electric block, Bollinger. Initially focussing on building Lego trucks on steroids, Bollinger’s aim is to create a new type of electric truck, one that could drive literally anywhere on earth. 4x4s are their game, and they do them very, very well.


This US-built Bollinger is no trad off-roader – it’s all-aluminium, all-electric, and absolutely hard as nails. That’s the promise here. This modern electric truck is super versatile. And it’s all anyone truck-obsessed is talking about.


‘The world’s most capable pick-up truck’ says Bollinger. Hardcore versatility and apocolypse durability is baked into this heavy-duty baby, and in a body so gnarly – and a bit Land Rover-y – it's easy to forget it’s a planet-cuddling EV.