Dianche Bertone BSS GT One Concept Car

Bertone is one of Italy’s hottest automotive design houses, and famously scribbled the sensational 1960s Lamborghini Miura – the original supercar. Bertone hit hard times not long ago, but now the name has risen from the ashes thanks to Flymove – the (deep breath) Dinaché BSS GT Cube by Bertone. This is their vision of an all-electric supercar future. Just nine will be built, so better get in there quick. (Make that, eight. I just got one...Kidding). Long-time design rival Pininfarina is on a similar trip with its incredible Battista, but if you want your mega-performance fix right now, why not lease the Porsche Taycan with its crushing performance and killer design wrapped in a practical four-door body. Check out the vitals, then if you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Mind blowing performance
The Bianché is unlikely to lose the traffic-light Grand Prix – twin electric motors are good for 800bhp, which helps 0-62mph flash up in an organ-rearranging 2.2 seconds and can deliver a crushing 219mph. Too much? You can also buy the GT Cube, with half the performance but still double the thrills of most conventional cars. Again, only nine will be produced. Don’t haggle.


No BSSing around here
An awesomely powerful 150kW battery offers both rapid-charging and even faster battery-swap systems, which is what the slightly unnecessary BSS in the name stands for. Both Renault and Tesla have talked up battery swaps in the past, but no-one’s made it work so fingers crossed here. And if your GT Cube ever lets you down, a technician comes to your house, wherever you are. Wouldn’t happen with a Micra.

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