FIAT Centoventi Concept Car

The Fiat Concept Centoventi stole the spotlight at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show with its take on the future of small electric city cars. Aptly named the Centoventi – Italian for 120, a nod to Fiat’s 120th birthday in 2019 – the Fiat looks back to its classic heritage styling while looking forward to what we might expect to hit the roads over the next few years. (*Hint: if you like Ikea, you’re going to love this). Neat tricks include being able to add in three extra batteries for an additional 62 miles of range, so it’s a shame you can’t lease a Centoventi – it’s purely a concept for now – but the electric Fiat 500 is coming very soon. Or why not lease a MINI Electric or a Peugeot e-208 for that small electric car/big fun feeling? If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


A blank canvas
If the exterior’s a blank canvas, customising the Centoventi’s interior is like playing Sticklebricks in a playpen – accessories just plug in or clip on to surfaces, whether that’s water bottle holders on the dash or extra speakers on the door casings. Cool seats too: the bases are lightweight plastic and washable, and there’s 3D knit seat trim, just like your trainers and sports gear. Love it.


Super customisable
Customisation is the Fiat Centoventi’s ace card, so think of it as a blank canvas – it’s actually only available in a silvery grey colour, but a choice of four roofs, bumpers, wheel trims and body wraps from the 4U programme spice things up. Take your pick when you spec the car, and you can even swap between them at a Fiat dealer later. There are 114 more accessories (taking the tally of options neatly to 120. We see what they did there.) available online to be fitted at home – even stuff like the stereo, dash and seat cushions – and some of it can even be 3D-printed. Blimey.


The details
This being a city car for generation-smartphone, tech is way up the agenda. Take the instrument display – it can be spec’d with twin 10-inch displays, or dropped to a single 10-incher with your smartphone stepping in to control key infotainment functions instead. There’s all the connectivity you’d expect too, but also a messenger mode to show messages on the tailgate when you’re stopped. This is absolutely asking for trouble. And we love it.

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