Genesis Mint Concept Car

Other than calling your car brand God, could the bar be set higher than naming it after a 1970s prog-rock group where the drummer actually sings? But then, Hyundai premium-brand Genesis never has mucked about. It certainly isn’t with this Mint concept, a kind of impossible-to-pigeonhole two-seater luxury sports car hatchback thing. Wowzers. We might apparently see this little beauty zooming down the road later on in 2020 (but we think this is highly unlikely), so if you want to lease an electric car right now have a look at the Tesla Model S, Peugeot e-208 and the Porsche Taycan. Then if you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Look at those lines
Genesis has focussed on the US and Asian markets so far, but from next year it’s going where similar brand Infiniti messed up so badly – yep, Europe and the UK. Fingers crossed it’s sexy enough to succeed.


Minty fresh interior
The Mint interior is strictly a two-seat only (though check out the unusual bench layout), and absolutely gorgeous it is too, with lightweight textiles and lashings of cognac leather, even on the floors. An oblong steering wheel (another nod to motorsport) is surrounded by six copper Graphic User Interface info screens, while a seventh screen is mounted flush in the steering wheel. The instrument panel and bench seat even swivel to help you clamber in and out more easily.


A head turning head turner
We have a serious crush on those wild rear scissor doors and gorgeous body. Other neat touches include vents that wrap around the lower body to cool the battery, more glass than a New York skyscraper and turbine-style wheels with motorsport-spec centre-lock nuts. If Aston Martin made a hatchback, it’d surely look like this.

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