Kia Futuron Concept Car

Kia and Aston Martin are two brands that don’t normally snuggle up in one sentence, but when Aston first showed the world an SUV concept a few years back, it looked a lot like the Kia Futuron – a sports car/SUV mash-up that’s bang on trend. Like all things from the future, the Futuron isn’t available in the present, so how about leasing a Jaguar I-PACE instead. It’s on the road now but still looks spacey. If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Daring designs

Kia captures attention with their bold designs of the Futuron concept. From its swivel-y chairs to the smooth lines of the exterior, this cool concept is a car we long for in the real world.


Seating to die for
The Futuron’s interior is dominated by what look like four alien dudes taking a nap (actually ‘zero gravity’ seats), plus a graphical user interface that flows round the dashboard and projects key info perfectly in the driver’s line of sight. Not that you’ll always need to be paying attention to driving – Level 4 autonomy means you can drop those seats back and let lidar sensors take the strain.


An out of this world exterior
With a body like a jet fighter, headlights like a starry night and cool touches like dragon-scale bodywork, the Kia Futuron could drive across the Moon without the locals looking twice. But it won’t go chasing Land Rovers – the high-riding sports SUV might take light off-roady stuff in its stride, but really it’s about performance on the road – the batteries are tucked down low for chuckable handling and there’s electric all-wheel drive too.

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