Kia HabaNiro Concept Car

Kia’s days of making bland econoboxes for Aldi splurges are long over. Well, almost long over. Check out the Habaniro – an all-electric crossover more at home carving the urban sprawl than parked at the local retail park. Kia promises this is no fanciful concept unlikely ever to be built, but it’s safe to say you can squeeze in an alternative three-year lease before anything remotely similar arrives at your local Kia dealer. We reckon both the Peugeot e-2008 or Hyundai Kona are awesome. If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


The incredible insides
Touchscreens are so, er, today, so the futuristic Habaniro gets a head-up display that stretches the width of the front windscreen and is controlled by a concave acrylic instrument panel and sensory light feedback. And instead of mirrors, an eye-tracking system knows when you look at the top of the windscreen and activates a rearview video display. It’s redder than a Tarantino flick inside, with the Lava Red boucle fabric all set off by an ambient glow that shines through geometric patterns in the floor. Brave for a first date.


The excellent exterior
Supercars only get two doors. But get this: the Habaniro has four. And they’re scissor. Like all the best concepts, Kia doesn’t trouble itself with small details we can’t see, so it simply says there’s one electric motor on each axle to give a grippy AWD, an ‘advanced’ battery and over 300 miles of range. Oh yeah, and it can totally drive itself.

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