In short, electric cars are better than sex and chocolate.

Well okay, so we made that bit up. But electric cars are sweet. So let’s get you to a place where you understand all the brilliant, tasty benefits of having an electric car. Have a scroll or use the links below to get to some specifics.

Audi e-Tron Electric SUV

The beautiful benefits of electric.

There are a mountain of benefits that come from driving an electric car, but we’ve tried to boil them down to three concentrated piles of benefitiness. (yup that’s not a word)

Feel Amazing

Driving an electric car adds zero pollution to the air we're all breathing. Which means you're not just looking after yourself, but your family, friends and community. And that, trust me, will fill you with some serious pride.

Save Loads

By cutting your fuel cost by 75%, getting £3,500 from the Government, paying lower maintenance costs and not paying a penny for Road Tax, ULEZ or Congestion Charge – it all adds up to more awesomeness in your pocket.
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Drive the future

So basically you’re driving the next version of what a car is. It’s like going from a Nokia 3310 to an iPhone X. The acceleration is mental. It adds new features and improvers performance with software updates. And they just look brilliant.

Let's go a little deeper.

Aside form the amazing benefits, there are 3 main things to understand more if you'd like to go a bit deeper. Check them out below. Happy learning. Go team!