Electric Car Maintenance

“Electricity is the thing. There are no whirring and grinding gears with their numerous levers to confuse. There is not that almost terrifying uncertain throb and whirr of the powerful combustion engine. There is no water circulating system to get out of order – no dangerous and evil-smelling gasoline and no noise”

Thomas Edison

Service and maintenance

Pure electric cars are in many ways a lot simpler than our conventional petrol or diesel cars. Which can make electric car servicing easier and maintenance costs less likely; helping to keep costs (and hassle) to a minimum.

Let’s keep things simple

To ensure they run smoothly and reliably, our trusty petrol and diesel cars require a number of parts. Exhausts; catalytic converters; starter motors, spark plugs, oil, cooling systems; engine dampers; fuel injection systems; fuel pumps… the list goes on. Pure electric cars, on the other hand, have only three main components: the electric motor; the on-board charger and the inverter.

This is one of the main reasons electric cars and vans can cost less to service and need less maintenance. When you next service your current car, spare a moment to look at what you’re paying for: new engine oil and filter, replacement spark plugs; air filters; perhaps new engine coolant? A pure electric car doesn’t need any of these. Electric motors themselves have proved to be very robust, and can require very little maintenance.

Expert help already at hand

To take proper care of your new electric car, you should be using an appropriately trained technician. Manufacturers are already ensuring their dealer networks have appropriately trained technicians available, and independent repairers are likely to follow suit as the numbers grow. What’s more, training courses are widely available at over 100 approved UK colleges and training providers.

Chad Warner