Electric Car Performance

Not your dad’s electric car

The whole world of electric cars have changed in the last couple years.

Charging is far easier, faster and less often. The range you can go on one charge is not what you most likely expect – it’s further. And the savings are more than you think, especially in London. Below are some of the genuine benefits of electric cars today.

Less Charging

Battery capacities are greater than ever, which means less charging.

So every week if you drove 10 miles to work and back, you’d only have to charge once a week, for one hour.

Faster Charging

Today chargers are super fast and effortlessly fit in to your everyday.

Let’s say you’re a 1 hour meeting, lunch or dinner. In that time, you would’ve charged 50% of your battery without thinking about it.

More Chargers

In London alone there are over 4,300 chargers.

And with that number doubling this year, wireless payment and super easy apps – parking and charging is even easier.

Longer Range

With bigger batteries today’s cars go far longer than you’d expect.

Let’s say you drove from Regents Park to Brighton Beach and back, you wouldn’t have to charge.

No Congestion

You won’t pay the daily £11.50 charge in Central London.

That means if you pay concession charge everyday, you’d save £230* a month.

Stress-free traffic

You’re not going to lose all your charge sitting in traffic.

Electric cars don’t use the engine when you’re sitting still, so for the most part you’ll use maybe a percentage or two.

Feels Good

They’re loads of rational reasons, but making your contribution to cleaning up our communities air just makes you feel good. You’re setting the example – we think that’s worth a lot.

Chad Warner