Lightning GT Concept Car

The Lightning GT has been on-again/off-again more often than a smartphone with a frozen homescreen. We’ve been seeing it since Gordon Brown briefly found himself in charge of the entire country, and maybe this zero-emission sports car is similarly doomed because of its pained gestation. Fingers crossed it’s still incoming because the all-electric tech spec’s as incredible as the timeless design. If you can’t wait for a sports car that might not happen, the next best thing to lease now isn’t a sports car at all but the amazing new Porsche Taycan – a saloon that rolls everything that’s awesome about petrol Porsches into a gorgeous four-door, zero-emission body. Pore over the Porsche’s particulars, then If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


V8 looks, VClean conscience
Like all the best sports cars, the Lightning GT is rear-wheel drive. Unlike all the best sports cars, there’s no dirty great V8 engine under that sleek long bonnet – though that’s how it was first designed, many decades ago in the previous millennium. Instead, there’s a pair of electric motors driving the rear wheels and giving the Lightning GT a hairy-chested 495bhp, a lightning quick (sorry) 0-60mph time in the sub-4-sec bracket and a top speed of 155mph (it’d go faster if electronic chips didn’t step in to spoil the party/save range/save you from an extended prison sentence).


It really goes the distance
The Lightning GT is powered by two 22kWh lithium-titanate battery packs. Yep, that does sound small compared with many EVs, but Lightning claims over 300 miles of driving range provided you go easy on the loud pedal. A 9kW charger gets the Lightning GT fully charged in five hours and there’s even talk of a range-extender – AKA a small combustion engine that wakes up to charge the battery if it goes flat, just like the BMW i3 offers as an option. It’d be easy to say the Lightning GT’s time has passed, but there are still no other all-electric sports cars to lease right now. Come on chaps, let’s have it in a flash now.

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