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Lightyear Harnessing the sun

Lightyear take EVs one step further in terms of their emission-free goodness. Their prototype car, the Lightyear One, is the world’s first solar-powered car (well technically that was GM’s aptly named Sunmobile in 1955 but it was a tad ahead of its time). Lex Hoefsloot and Arjo van der Ham founded Lightyear in 2016. What they’ve accomplished in that short time is incredible. The Lightyear One is ground-breaking and who knows – maybe solar-powered cars are the next big thing. Built from the ground up with the concept of solar-powered electric cars in mind, the Lightyear One is a true marvel. We reckon you should check it out. For sure, Lightyear is one to watch. We reckon Buzz would’ve been impressed.
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The all-new Lightyear 2 is solar electric. With an integrated layer of solar cells extending your journeys, you could drive over 500 miles before your next plug charge. For short and medium trips, Lightyear 2 could even sustain itself without a socket in sight. Picture that, being untied from the electricity grid and running on free, clean solar power alone.
Concept car


It was only a matter of time before some clever thing came up with a self-charging electric car. Introducing Lightyear One: a self-charging long-range solar car. It’s still a prototype, but we’re already in love with its sporty exterior and super-chill interior vibe.