MG E-Motion Concept Car

MG once built some of the world’s best sports cars. Unfortunately, we can only remember the budget hatchbacks and SUVs. But fear not, the MG E-Motion wants to recapture the sporting glory days while adding a heavy side order of future EV tech. You can’t lease the E-Motion yet, so why not try MG’s old rival Jaguar, which has wrapped all its sporting cred into the best driving electric SUV you can lease in the UK. Take a look at our lease deals on the Jaguar I-PACE, then if you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


All in the eyes
At a quick glance, the MG’s design appears to riff on plenty of other cars – we spy Bentley Conti GT, Jaguar F-type and XJ, even humble Mazdas, but no classic MGB. No matter, the curvy two-door coupé lines would certainly get grandma spinning on her heels. We love neat details that include butterfly doors, the starlight matrix front grille, and a windscreen and panoramic roof that flow into one long piece of gorgeous glazing. Look closer and there is a cheeky little nod to the MGB in the headlights – said to be inspired by the London Eye. The frowny Matrix LED clusters actually incorporate covers that pop open to reveal a cuter rounded lamp more in keeping with the classic MGB. Nice touch.


Check this out

From the super-cool controls to the spacious seating arrangement, the interior of this badboy is a fabulous feast for the eyes. Just look at that centre console - it's pushing all our buttons that's for sure.


Electrifying performance
Under the skin the E-Motion is all apparently MG-developed, though details are a little light. MG are saying the E-Motion is good for up to 320 miles of driving and a spit-yer-teeth out 0-62mph dash in under four seconds, while the grapevine says there are twin e-motors and all-wheel drive. Inside, four individual bucket seats are trimmed in white leather with lozenge-like stitching that recalls the MG logo, plus there’s digital screenage galore, including on the steeply raked centre console.

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