Nissan IMk Concept Car

Japan’s ‘kei’ cars are sub-supermini-sized boxes of supreme cuteness designed for narrow Tokyo streets. And now Nissan – who are no strangers to EVs (all hail the Nissan Leaf) – have got on board with their IMk mini electric concept that aims to take the genre global. The IMk forms part of Nissan’s future mobility program that includes the Nissan IMQ and Nissan IMS electric concepts, looking to create a stronger link between car and human (sounds ominous). No news yet on if the IMk will reach production (we guess and hope yes) so how about leasing the Peugeot e-208, Renault Zoe or a VW e-Up!. if you want a cute and compact EV today. If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Titchy car, massive tech
The titchy IMk goes big on tech with features like ProPilot driver-assistance and seamless connectivity that links your smartphone to the car the second you hop aboard and configures all your preferences. Physical controls are booted out in favour of icons that light up in the trim, while a prism display projects key driver info into mid-air and a holographic display flags secondary info. There’s even a smartphone app that lets you jump out while the autonomous IMk disappears to find that elusive parking space – then just rocks up when you call afterwards, making dad taxis a horrific distant memory.


Welcome to the Bonsai Lounge
The Nissan IMk couldn’t qualify as an EV concept if the press material didn’t liken it to a lounge and… bingo! The IMk is definitely a Tokyo apartment kind of very small lounge, but it’s full of neat touches, including a bench-style front seat, dimpled trim, copper accents and coffee-coloured carpets plus slatted wood trim that nods to Japanese ‘kigumi’ joinery. Careful not to look at the dash and door trim during driving – it’s like watching a psychedelic freak out on a black-and-white TV.


Room for friends and shopping too
The IMk’s body is like if a rollerskate and a minivan had a fling, and absolutely ace it is too – five doors even make it as practical for mates and shopping as it is nipping through the commute, despite a footprint 60cm more compact than a Ford Fiesta. Much of the look is apparently inspired by ‘mizuhiki’, a thin twine made from Japanese rice paper. Yep, we thought as much. Add door handles and ditch the sci-fi cameras for normal mirrors and we might just see something similar looking a bit topply and tall on UK streets soon.

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