Nissan IMS Concept Car

Nissan are at it again with their saloony SUVy electric car concept, the Nissan IMS. It keeps good company too with Nissan’s other electric car concepts the Nissan IMK, IMQ and IMX, showing us what they think the future of electric mobility looks like. And if it looks like this, then we like it. Don’t put the IMS on your Christmas lease list though, because we're not sure when it will be hitting UK shores. But, fear not. You can lease the sporty electric saloon Tesla Model S or an actual electric SUV like the Audi e-Tron and Jaguar I-PACE. Check out the lease prices then if you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Space-age design
We like the Nissan IMS’s design a lot – particularly the light clusters like light sabres, chunky 22-inch alloys and the glazed roof that’s etched like a Faberge egg. But even the Nissan people know Major Tom’s been all over the controls and things might get toned down for production. ‘The exterior is finished with a special liquid metal paint that is meant to suggest an imaginary mineral on the moon,’ they tell us. Fresh air for the design team please.


Not just any old interior
If the IMS exterior flicks up the needle on Nissan design, the interior goes full crazy, with gold-over-black bling, a blatantly Knight Rider-inspired dash packed with multi-level digital displays, plus a fighter-jet steering wheel that retracts in full autonomous mode. Our fave touch is the premier seat in the rear – it looks like a regular three-bench set up, but the two thinner outer chairs fold down to leave a throne-like perch in the middle. Get out and walk, kiddoes.


Fast as hell
The IMS is no jacked-up Primera. This thing has serious firepower – twin electric motors boost it to a huge 483bhp and give it the all-wheel drive you’ll need to make all that shove stick to the tarmac. Full air suspension means you’ll get a plush ride plus you’ll be able to raise it at the push of a button. It’ll go the distance too, thanks to a chunky 115kWh battery good for around 380 miles on a charge.

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