Nissan IMX Concept Car

Say Nissan and you might picture a bland little runaround travelling the wrong way down the motorway. But you probably won’t imagine a wild coupe crossover apparently inspired by a fantastical creature from the deep. But Nissan’s IMX is definitely more underwater sci-fi than wrong-way Micra. It looks incredible. Nissan has refined the excess of IMX into the more realistic Nissan Ariya, which should look a lot like a production car due 2021. But if you’re keen to lease in the UK right now, how about leasing the Hyundai Kona Electric or Kia e-Niro instead. If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


We're liking what we're seeing
The IMX is based on many of the same under-bits as Nissan’s very sensible Leaf, but thankfully there’s a big dose of not-very-sensible lurking in the IMX. So while twin electric motors provide all-wheel drive to help stop you slithering off the road, and the battery is good for around 373 miles, there’s also a whopping great 423bhp – enough to make most hot hatchbacks wobble, let alone your driving instructor.


A homely interior
Nissan says the IMX interior is inspired by the sense of space in Japanese homes. We say the four ‘floating’ white seats could’ve come straight from a hair salon. But whatever, this is a seriously next-level car interior. Trick details include an OLED instrument panel controlled by gestures and eye movements, and what appears to be wood-grained trim that wraps right round the cabin but is all digitally rendered. Presumably compulsory to bow and remove shoes before entering.


Driver optional
Nissan is imagining how its semi-autonomous Propilot system might evolve for a fully autonomous future with the IMX. Engage the tech and the steering wheel retracts and all the seats can recline, meaning those who trust absolutely in a machine with no fear-reflex can max and relax for hours on end.

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