Piech Mark Zero Concept Car

Never heard of Piech (say ‘pea-eck’)? Car bores will tell you it’s synonymous with Porsche, Volkswagen and Audi thanks to genius/master intimidator Ferdinand Piech (RIP). Piech Automotive is his son Anton’s bid to put that name on a sports car, and the Mark Zero his zero-emissions statement of intent. The Mark Zero’s not due until 2022, so the next best thing to an EV sports car to lease in the UK today is the Porsche Taycan – it might have four doors, but it more than lives up to the name. If you wanna chat about it just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Charged in under 5 minutes
The Mark Zero has a state-of-the art battery that doesn’t heat up during charging or discharging. That means there’s no problem charging it super-quickly, and we do mean super-quickly – a charge to 80% capacity takes just 4min 40sec, little more than pouring fossil fuels into your car. The trick battery also requires less cooling, which massively reduces weight by around 200kg for a more nimble feel. Expect a range of 311 miles, and with a huge 600bhp and all-wheel drive the Mark Zero should be as tasty to steer as it is to behold.


Drop dead gorgeous
The Piech Mark Zero isn’t about future-gazing design, instead its curvy and classic body is a sports car greatest hits collection. We spy Jaguar F-type, many Aston Martins, the Shelby Cobra Daytona (look it up) and even the upcoming Maserati Alfieri EV. EV power might give Piech the freedom to style its car however it wants, but there’s a caveat – you’ll be able to buy combustion-engined versions too, maybe hydrogen fuel cells and hybrids, all sorts of stuff. Battery electric for us please.

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