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Available from 2020

0-62 in 3.5 sec | 300 mi range

Originally teased as the Mission E, the fully electric Porsche Taycan will be a groundbreaking, game-changing, all-electric 4-door coupé, having already received more orders for the first year’s production than the annual sales of the iconic 911. The full worldwide reveal of Taycan will be on 4th September 2019, with UK deliveries likely to begin at the end of 2020. And we can't wait.

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A couple quick stats

There hasn't been a load of information locked down yet, but here are some stats that are pretty close to where it's gonna land.

3.5 sec
0-62 mph

300 mi
Range (WLTP)

Estimated Price

Late 2020
Estimated Delivery


Now what?

The reality is that the Porsche Taycan is cool, but is still a bit off from hitting the road. That said, time flies and you'll be able to Pre-Order soon. So we have estimated lease prices below to give you a sense of monthly payments. Plus you can sign-up for updates, so when it's able to be pre-ordered we'll tell ya. Till then, have a look at the cars available now and the ones that can be pre-ordered today.

Get a feel for the pricing

We can get pretty close to knowing the rough lease prices because the base price has been announced. Now this could change, but not by tens of thousands. We get super competitive rates and EV specific incentives, so have a play with the numbers and then let's chat if you have any questions.

Porsche Taycan Leases Profile from WeVee
a Month incl vat

Here's a estimated lease for a Model Name Variant, with no maintenance and an excess mileage of 49p per mile incl VAT. Any questions, call us at 020 8012 8190.


Miles a year

Initial payment

(Monthly payment x)



The Fuel Comparison stuff from above

1 **Golf R-Line 1.5 ltr TSI EVO Automatic - Petrol:** Retail Price: £28,015 / MPG: 43 / Petrol price / gallon: £5.79 / Cost Per Mile: £0.13

**2 THE e-Golf WE'RE USING:** Retail Price: £33,840 / Battery kWh: 32 / Mileage: 144 mi. / Cost to Fill: £4.80 / Cost Per Mile: £0.03

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