Porsche Taycan GTS


Every Taycan looks cool, but the GTS goes next-level tough with black exterior highlights and 20-inch alloys for a properly moody look. Jump inside and its interior rocks a luxy racecar vibe with sports seats featuring grippy suedey centres and a small-diameter steering wheel wrapped in the same delightfully tactile stuff. Air suspension and Porsche's Performance Plus Battery is also standard (93.4kWh of go-go juice, up to 313 miles of range), plus there's a 598PS adrenaline hit when you squeeze the throttle.

Naturally every GTS is loaded with high-tech goodness as standard, including a 16.8-inch infotainment display, more driver-assistance tech than a 737 on auto pilot and an 800-volt electrical system for super-rapid charging.

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Mind blowing features of GTS

The Taycan GTS rolls everything that's awesome about Porsche - power, handling, style - and everything that's awesome about EVs into one super-futuristic package. That means the GTS is mega fast, handles sublimely and looks a million dollars, but it's also loaded with trick kit like widescreen infotainment, sat-nav that homes in on your next charging fix, and packs a trunk and a frunk to maximise space. Check out all the details here, then give us a bell for a great quote on 020 8012 8190.


Save the world and your wallet

Aside from cleaning up the air and giving you an incredible driving performance, EVs also save you loads a month. Drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190 and see how much driving the Porsche Taycan GTS will save you. We’ll calculate all your savings and configure a bespoke Taycan lease price – without any pressure or salesy business.


Drive your motoring costs in half

The Government want you to drive electric as much as we do. Which is why they’re encouraging businesses and their employees to switch to an electric vehicle by offering a tax-efficient way to pay for an EV lease through your business: Salary Sacrifice. Not only do you save on VAT, but on income tax and National Insurance as well – plus, it’s HMRC compliant too. Salary Sacrifice is literally designed to help you, your business and your employees save money and drive an exceptional car at the same time.

Business Savings Stats

Fuel saving

Spend 75% less on fuel

Forget big bills at the petrol station. The only cost of filling up your electric vehicle is the electricity you use to charge your EV battery. Costing an average of £0.03 a mile, you can save up to 75% in fuel costs alone, every month. Bet your combustion SUV doesn’t give you a full tank and change from a tenner


No ULEZ or Congestion Charge
Driving through London and other city centres is getting expensive. But not if you switch to an electric vehicle. Forget paying the £12.50 ULEZ fee (expanded to the North and South Circular since October 2021) and the £15 Congestion Charge. If you drive electric, it’s free. Lovely.


So, it's like free money?
Too good to be true? Nope. The Government want you to drive an electric vehicle as much as we do. They’re lopping off up to £2,500 of the OTR price of every new electric car (that costs up to £35,000), which lowers the lease price. Oh. And they'll even give you a grant for installing a home-charger too.

Get a Porsche Taycan GTS Lease

Soooooo, now what??

We’re here to make switching to electric simple and fun. Let’s chat about how awesome the Porsche Taycan GTS is (and all our other cars while we’re at it) and we can calculate your exact savings as well as come up with a personalized lease price. Go on, give us a bell on 020 8012 8190 and we'll sort you out.


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