Renault EZ-GO Concept Car

You wait your whole life for a robo-car to come along then three robo-Renaults turn up at once. Typical. This one’s the EZ-GO, first in a trio of Renault EZ robo-concepts (see also EZ ULTIMO and EZ-PRO). The EZ-GO sets the French maker’s stall out on connected, autonomous, emission-free urban mobility, and we’re kinda obsessed. If you want something similar today we’d suggest a bus. But as for leasing a cool zero-emission ride that’s available from Renault… how about the Renault Zoe or Twizy? If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Robo mo-fo
So yeah. It actually is a robo-car. Renault describes the EZ-GO as both robo-vehicle and ride-hailing concept for people in crowded cities who need a service more than a car. Uber people, basically. Level 4 autonomy means it can keep a safe distance to the car in front, stay in its lane, turn at a junction and walk in a straight line and touch its nose when stopped by the law. Naturally the EZ-GO is fully electric, but the focus is purely urban – hence why it tops out at a speedy 30mph. It’s four-wheel steering also helps it spin around in small spaces too.


Forget the tube
It’s a purely public transport kinda vibe inside the EZ-GO, but a really nice kinda public transport before the public has used it. There are simple but comfy-looking textile seats with room for six people, places to lash down bags and induction charge-docks for smartphones. More glass than a London bus gives a panoramic view of this futuristic city where robo-cars exist, yet it won’t drip with condensation on a cold night.


All aboard!
The EZ-GO aims to democratise transport, not just relative to income, but people’s needs too: the aircraft-carrier-style hatch at the rear folds down to create a ramp that’s easy to roll a wheelchair or pushchair up, as well as being easier for those who are impaired to negotiate. Plus, small kids will wander in gawping at its awesomeness rather than wailing. Standing ovation for the Renault people please.

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