Renault EZ-PRO Concept Car

Online retail has revolutionised the way we shop. Namely, we can do it in PJs. Now Renault’s EZ-PRO imagines how it could revolutionise delivery, so diesel vans don’t clog our cities and wake us up with rumbling engines at all hours of the night. One of three Renault EZ concepts (see also EZ-ULTIMO and EZ-GO), the EZ-PRO is an autonomous robo-pod to unemploy your delivery driver in a couple of decades. Sorry chaps. If you want a zero-emissions van to lease in the UK today, well, Renault’s already there with the Renault Kangoo ZE. If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Totally Rad
The EZ-PRO is based on a skateboard-style platform that contains the battery and electric motor and is totally separate from the upper structure. For the full autonomous robo-pods, this upper bit is like a secure shipping container that’s lowered onto the skateboard once loaded. Best of all, it looks like a retro digital radio with wheels for volume/tuning. You don’t get that with a Transit.


Your robo-pod is here
Amazon drivers might shiver seeing these robo-pods, but Renault doesn’t plan on a mass cull. Just yet. A ‘concierge’ (‘human’) would ride in a leader pod (they climb in through a hatch at the front) or drive it with a joystick if needed, while driverless pods tag along behind like a train.


It totally delivers
Delivery drivers won’t be doing all the parcel dropping. Under Renault’s plans, customers will track parcels on a smartphone and could then collect them from a pre-determined site using a unique code – like collecting stuff from a PO Box. But there must be so many more uses – fast-food stall, mobile merchandising, flower seller, camper van… The possibilities are endless. Come on Renault, let’s take the EZ-PRO from electric dreams to reality.

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