Renault EZ-ULTIMO Concept Car

Sometimes little clues like door handles or windscreen wipers say a concept car is a dead-cert for production. No surprises then that the wild EZ-Ultimo – Renault’s 120th birthday present to itself – has neither. Instead, it’s a full-on luxury electric robo-car dreamed up by Renault’s design team after one heck of a Camembert party. The EZ-Ultimo concludes an EV trilogy that also features the EZ-GO and EZ-PRO, but you won’t be able to lease anything remotely like it for, oooh, several decades at best. So how about a luxury EV like the Porsche Taycan or Tesla Model X instead. If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Long like a Rolls
At 5.8 metres long and just about waist-high, the EZ-ULTIMO is long like a Rolls-Royce but low like a Bugatti Veyron. If the proportions are incredible, the detailing is mind-blowing. In fact, the two-tone body (dark greeny black over champagne) brings to mind the Veyron, while the 600 Renault badges over the lower glass are way cooler than tinted windows but do the same job. And what about those wheels - they appear flat at the bottom and aren’t actually wheels at all on closer inspection. We’ve seen the EZ-ULTIMO move too. How Renault. HOW?


Most wanted VIP
Renault’s ex-boss Carlos Ghosn famously fled a Japanese jail to an airport in a musical instrument case, but the EZ-ULTIMO – created on his watch – would’ve been better suited. More airy lounge than airless hard case, it’s the sort of car-sharing VIP experience an airline might deploy for First-Class passengers. A long sliding side door opens and half the roof lifts to make climbing in this low-slung Faberge egg much easier. Once aboard, there’s a single armchair and a bench for two trimmed in leather and velvet. Plus, there’s marble desktops and herringbone wooden flooring to ease you past the proles. Let them eat cake.


It's not one for parking
The EZ-ULTIMO is not the easiest to squeeze into a parking space, but thankfully it is Level 4 autonomous, so just keep lapping the city while the 310-mile range slowly depletes. There’s just a single e-motor to drive the front wheels, but the EZ-ULTIMO is more about sedate cruising (and sedation-spec luxury) than high performance. Charge it wirelessly with inductive charging and off you go.

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