Renault Morphoz Concept Car

Renault are no stranger to creating whacky electric concept cars. The EZ-GO is proof enough of this. And the Renault Morphoz is their latest unveiling. Part SUV, part-saloon, the Morphoz is absolutely crackers – but the best kind of crackers. The name’s a clue to the versatility dreamt up here because the Morphoz can, um, shape-shift between different configurations, and actually stretches for long trips. It’s true. So the Morphoz is eclectic and electric but no prizes for guessing you can’t yet lease a Morphoz in the UK today. But there are stacks of other electric SUVs with your name on. Check out the Tesla Model X, Mercedes EQC, Jaguar I-PACE or Audi e-Tron. Choose a favourite, play with the lease prices, then if you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Plan a trip, choose a battery
The MORPHOZ gets two modes: City and Travel. In City the MORPHOZ shrinks so only a small battery can squeeze in – but it’s lighter, the car’s easier to park, and you’re not wasting energy dragging around more car than you need. You’ll get around 249 miles. But in Travel mode – ta-da! – the MORPHOZ extends and you can drop by a charging station embedded in the ground, stop over it and an extra battery gets slotted in, like some eco-friendly F1 pit stop. Total range is boosted to 435 miles and there’s more storage space and interior room too. Brilliant. (Never gonna happen).


A ridiculous amount of tech inside
You can drive the MORPHOZ, but the cool rectangular steering wheel and infotainment screen will also vanish if you let the Level 3 autonomy tech strut its stuff. Then the MORPHOZ morphs – oh, morph, MORPHOZ – into a 1970s vision of a future lounge pad and damn it’s cool. Those retro yellow chairs that swivel and float absolutely make it.


This thing drives itself. Not kidding.
The interior might re-boot the 1970s, but the tech’s absolutely from the future: a wide L-shaped screen displays all driving and infotainment data and is AI-smart too, plus AI recognises you on approach so you only need wave to open the doors and door mirrors are binned in favour of cameras. And check this out: personalised sound zones mean surly teenagers don’t even need headphones to get lost in their own miserable little musical worlds.

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