Renault SYMBIOZ Concept Car

Renault has form with off-the-wall concepts (hello EZ-ULTIMO) but it assures us that something a lot like the SYMBIOZ is incoming for 2023. Electric, autonomous and part space-pod part 1970s-Parisian-apartment inside, it’s the motoring future through an eccentrique French filter. The SYMBIOZ resides in a class of one, but if you want to lease something today that channels a similarly adventurous spirit, why not try the Jaguar I-PACE or Tesla Model X. But if you’re a Renault fan there’s the brilliant (but much smaller) Zoe and even smaller than that, the Renault Twizy. If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Trés chic
Renault says the SYMBIOZ interior is like a lounge, but with more space than you’d expect. Even in something 4.8 metres long. We love the seats wrapped in fabric from an Aleksandra Gaca sofa and lush materials like felt, wood, marble, and even porcelain. So fancy. So French. A French fancy if you will. Autonomous mode must be active to unlock the full lounge-spec though, when the steering wheel slides away and the front seats swivel round to face the rears. More oddly, Renault says the SYMBIOZ becomes an extra room when you park it inside your home (normally only happens to Renaults when learner drivers confuse pedals), but smart-charging tech is trick – house and car share energy through a smart-grid, so the SYMBIOZ could power the house in a black-out. It’s a symbiotic… ooooh.


It will drive you WILD
The SYMBIOZ gets twin electric motors, but unusually both these babies are mounted on the rear axle, giving it a punchy 661bhp. Between you and me, that’s a 0-62mph sprint that’s dusted in under six seconds and what must be pretty lurid rear-wheel-drive handling. The large (ish) 72kWh battery can be topped to 80% capacity in just 20 minutes and wafts you along for 310 miles. Choose from three drive modes by pushing the illuminated Renault logo on the steering wheel: Classic (wafty conventional French driving); Dynamic (more pep from the motor, more support from the seats, more German) and AD mode. The latter’s an autonomous setting that gives you free rein over interior layouts, including the more intimate French Kiss.

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