Renault Trezor Concept Car

Renault is famous for making small hatchbacks like the Zoe and practical people carriers like the Kangoo ZE. It is not famous for high-performance luxury GTs, but that’s where it’s dared to dream with the incredible Trezor concept – a sporting GT that’s almost as avant-garde as its EZ-ULTIMO limousine. No surprises that you can’t lease a Trezor in the UK today, so the next best thing is the Porsche Taycan which rolls performance, luxury and stunning design into a four-door body. If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


If Renault made Astons
Long bonnet, low roof, wide body, wheel arches like flexed muscles… these are all design cues of the sporting GT from Aston Martins to Bentleys, Ferraris to Jaguars. But the Trezor catapults them into the future with neat touches like a honeycomb bonnet intake that makes the Trezor seem like it’s breathing, and fibre-optic lighting at the rear. The icing on the cake is an uninterrupted wraparound screen that’s part visor/part fighter canopy/part tinted goggles, and upper carbonfibre bodywork that hinges forwards at the front lights, like opening a jewellery box.


It's well red
Raise the Trezor’s clamshell bodywork, hop over the side (it’s so low there’s no actual door) and you realise the interior doesn’t just look red because of the tinted glazing, it is red. Really red. There’s red ash wood for the dashboard (sounds awful, looks amazing), plush red leather for seats inspired by luxury furniture, even sunset pinky reds for the digital displays that inject some high-tech cool to the old-school craftsmanship. Oh, and because there’s no dirty great V12 under the long bonnet, there’s space instead for fitted luggage held in place by leather straps. Concepts are all about dreaming and Renault’s absolutely nailed it here.


Long distance Renault
The Trezor’s electric motor is shared with Renault’s Formula E car and drives only the rear axle, just like most sporting GTs. The single motor makes a relatively average 350bhp – the dinky little Zoe e-Sport has more power – but it’s still enough to scoot from 0-62mph in under four seconds. And really, a GT car should be capable of serious miles with total luxury and serenity – while Renault doesn’t make any claims on battery range, it does say the Trezor unusually features two batteries and a Rechargeable Energy Storage System developed from Formula E. Last one to Biarritz is a rotten ouef.

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