The VW ID.SPACE VIZZION joins the VW ID. BUZZ, ID. VIZZION and the ID. BUGGY as VW’s collection of futuristic electric mobility concepts. It’s how they see the future of driving basically, and we’re all here for it. First announced in 2019, the ID. SPACE VIZZION has all the sleekness of a gran turismo and all the space of an SUV – that’s VW’s pitch for it. We call it an estate car, but it’s electric and looks pretty flash so we’ll certainly be swapping the family Passat for one of these. A production version of the big Veedub is incoming for 2021, as is their other next-generation SUV, the VW ID.4. You can lease the smaller VW ID.3, but if you’re after an electric SUV, check out the Tesla Model S or the Jaguar I-PACE. If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


Steve Jobs woulda loved it
If the outside’s a bit unadventurous (read, almost production-ready), VW’s design crew has had a wilder time with the interior. A veritable Tardis thanks to electric motors and batteries taking up less room than engines and gearboxes, it’s also seriously plush inside – it has AppleSkin (yes, actually) seats with the knowing wink to grandad’s diamond jumper, a touchscreen that’s a doppelganger for a Macbook Pro and – the coolest bit – a central touchscreen in the steering wheel that even flashes up the VW logo. Where’s my handclap emoji?


The smooth-ass exterior
There’s no daydreaming for this concept VW electric SUV, so expect a similar spec for the car you’ll be able to lease via WeVee from late 2021. Bank on an 82kWh battery, all-wheel drive and the ability to sprint from zero to 62mph in just 5.4seconds. Give that accelerator a lighter tickle and you might just squeeze 369 miles from a single charge.

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