VW ID. VIZZION Concept Car

Volkswagen’s ID sub-brand aims to boost the German brand from emissions-cheating scoundrels to fluffy EV saviours in one supercharged bound. The Golf-sized ID.3 already drives among us, but the ID. VIZZION electric saloon is a taste of what’s to come. Innovations like facial recognition and fully autonomous driving make even a Tesla Model S look a little wrinkly. But here’s the snag: the ID. VIZZION is a, ahem, vision of what EVs might be like come 2030. So what’s the next best thing to lease in the UK right now? Something big, comfy, with lots of range and heavy on the tech? Check out the Tesla Model S, Jaguar I-PACE and Porsche Taycan, then If you wanna chat just drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190.


The vizzionary design
For all the concept-car dreaming, VW has had an imagination meltdown when it comes to the engineering: one electric motor per axle, a lithium-ion battery and over 400 miles of range. We got there a few years ago. Come on chaps, you’re dreaming about 2030 here and the car’s not even real. Just make stuff up.


The vizzionary exterior
It’s not just the interior that’s loaded with tech – check out those light-sabre-style lights. The HD matrix headlights are packed with 8000 LEDs. Legally required for seeing where you’re going at night, yes, but they can also project virtual zebra crossings onto the road to tell pedestrians it’s safe to cross. What could possibly go wrong?


The vizzionary interior
The ID. Vizzion isn’t just fully autonomous, it doesn’t even have a steering wheel. Instead, the huge interior goes full lounge-spec and with cutting-edge tech too: all controls are virtually projected onto the interior using augmented reality, and controlled using gestures and your voice. You’ll need mixed reality glasses to actually see what you’re waving and shouting at, so don’t lose them down the back of the sofa.

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