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We started WeVee to make getting an electric car lease in the UK simple. To see every electric car in one beautiful place. To get the perfect EV lease deal with the best prices. And to help our communities speed up the switch to zero-emission cars. Because what we can achieve when we all come together really is electric. 

Every electric car. One lovely place.

Whether you’re looking for advice on electric car leasing, hunting for the best personal or business lease price or just seeking a small electric runaround, we can help.

We are the UK's EV experts. We’re here to answer every question about every electric car and every electric car lease, explain things like Salary Sacrifice and find you the best EV lease deal from the top lenders in the UK. Plus, we offer some of the best customer service out there (well, we like to think so!).

Have a browse, then drop us a note or call us on 020 8012 8190 and we can find the best electric car lease deal for you or your business. 

most popular EV leases

We don't play favourites, but daaaaaaaaamn

But let's face it, we all do (cheers Mum...). It's not that we don't love the electric cars not on this list – but based on good merit and raw sex appeal – these four-wheeled wonders are making our phones ring off the hook and are some of the most popular electric car leases on the market.