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Fiat When size doesn’t matter

Of course Fiat had to choose the 500 as their first all-electric car; it’s as classically Italian as eating a Cornetto on a gondola. And while this may be Fiat’s only road-ready EV, plans are afoot to electrify small car city driving – you only need to look at their concept Centoventi to see that. From their 1899 origins in Turin to today, Fiat has produced fantastically fashionable and iconic cars time and time again. And now it’s time to turn to electric.


Fiat hasn’t pulled any punches with their first fantastic all-electric car – the Fiat 500e. Launching with a limited edition model called the La Prima (Italian for first I reckon), we think these badboys are gonna take the EV market by storm.
Concept Car


For the linguists among us, you’ll know that the Fiat Centoventi is a nod to the Italian brand’s 120th birthday. Building on their love of dinky electric city cars like their new all-electric Fiat 500, the Centoventi takes heritage styling and proper futuristic tech (and 114 different accessories to make the car truly bespoke to you).