• Genesis

Genesis More than just a super-fancy Hyundai

Genesis stands as the luxury vehicle division of Hyundai, renowned for its cutting-edge design and premium electric vehicles. Emphasizing sophistication and sustainability, Genesis offers a compelling line-up tailored for discerning drivers seeking advanced technology and eco-friendly performance.
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The Genesis GV60 is a dynamic electric crossover, blending sporty aesthetics with innovative electric technology. Designed for agility and comfort, it offers a range of impressive features including advanced driver assistance systems, making it a top choice for modern, eco-conscious consumers.
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Electrified GV70

The Electrified GV70 is Genesis’s approach to redefining the luxury SUV experience with electric power. It combines robust performance with a sleek design and luxurious interiors, ensuring an exceptional driving experience without emissions. Ideal for those who desire space, style, and sustainability.
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Electrified G80

The Electrified G80 marks Genesis’s venture into luxury electric sedans. It maintains the elegance and comfort synonymous with the G80, now with an electric twist. Featuring a quiet, powerful drive and cutting-edge technologies, it represents a perfect blend of tradition and innovation for the executive segment.