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Mercedes Benz Reworking the Merc

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz? You and me both Janis. And you’d better make it an electric; Mercedes are planning to invest more than €10 billion in their EQ range of electric vehicles alone. Their first all-electric car, the Mercedes EQC, is part of the EQ range. And dang, it's a sweet ride. With plans for more than ten all-electric vehicles by 2022, Mercedes Benz is all in on all-electric.

Mercedes have dabbled in electric concept cars too with the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS (now confirmed for production as the Mercedes EQS!). Just go look at the thing. With an illuminated grille and insanely gorgeous interior, it’s worth a peek.


Mercedes has done it again. The EQA is their latest electric masterpiece in the EQ series, promising exceptional electric SUV wonderfullness. It's got all the tech we've come to know and love from the EQC, and it will be available to lease in two models: the Sport and AMG Line.


Mercedes’ first dedicated EV: the magnificent Mercedes EQC. A 4x4 that performs like a sportscar and has tech like a spaceship, this is one heck of a progressive crossover SUV.
Concept car


The Mercedes EQS is a pretty darn sweet take on what the future of electric luxury sedans might look like. And we like the look of this one. Teasing a 430 mile+ range, an insane looking light-up grille and an interior more luxurious than Prince Albert of Monaco’s bedroom, the EQS is one to keep an eye on.