Mercedes-Maybach EQS

Mercedes Benz Maybach EQS

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The all-new Mercedes-Maybach EQS, the epitome of luxury and technology rolled into one swanky ride. If you're looking for a car that screams 'success' from every angle, this is the one for you.

Picture this - cruising down a scenic route with the panoramic sunroof open, letting the breeze whisk away your worries while the car's state-of-the-art air purification system ensures that every breath is pure bliss. Or perhaps you're taking a client to a high-stakes meeting, impressing them with the EQS's sleek and imposing exterior, while the plush interior oozes elegance and class.

But that's not all. Want to make a statement at a red carpet event? The EQS's electric drivetrain allows for silent and smooth acceleration, making heads turn without so much as a hum. And with the car's augmented reality head-up display and advanced infotainment system, you'll feel like you're living in the future.

So if you're ready to take your lifestyle up a notch and turn some heads along the way, hop on in and let the Mercedes-Maybach EQS take you places you've only dreamed of.

Lease a Mercedes-Maybach EQS with Salary Sacrifice and save up to 50%

Rev up your savings and put the brakes on unnecessary expenses. Lease the Mercedes-Maybach EQS from your pre-tax income, via salary sacrifice, and save up to 50% of your hard-earned income. Don't let personal loans and leases run you off the road - take control and hit the savings pedal now.


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Fuel Savings

Break free from your PCP

Salary sacrifice allows you to pay for your electric car before income tax. The same applies to servicing, tyres and motor insurance, saving you a bundle on your running costs too. What's more, there's

  • no deposit;
  • no credit check; and
  • no personal finance agreement.

It’s a single monthly deduction from your gross pay – before income tax and national insurance contributions. It's typically about half the cost of an equivalent PCP or personal lease. A no-brainer!

Break free from your PCP

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