Mercedes Benz EQS SUV

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Ask most people for a seven-seater that’s kind to the planet and happy off-road, and they’d point you to those extra-long golf buggies. Not Mercedes, which suggests its EQS SUV – the Germans’ biggest all-electric SUV and one that offers a wicked combo of space, luxury and tech.

Pick from either 450 4Matic or 580 4Matic models, then just choose your dream trim. All are lavished with kit as standard, including super trick infotainment and plush stuff like air suspension, a panoramic sunroof, and 3D Burmester sounds.

Not only that but all get a whopping great 108.4kWh battery that’ll do up to 365 miles on a charge and blitz from 0-80% in a whisker over 30 mins. Thank you, 200kW rapid charging.

If you need one car to do everything, the EQS takes some beating.

Lease a Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV with Salary Sacrifice and save up to 50%

Rev up your savings and put the brakes on unnecessary expenses. Lease the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV from your pre-tax income, via salary sacrifice, and save up to 50% of your hard-earned income. Don't let personal loans and leases run you off the road - take control and hit the savings pedal now.


More features than a celeb gossip mag

Whether it’s Hyperscreen infotainment, high-performance LED headlights or rapid charging to get you back on the road super quick, the EQS is stacked with desirable features. It’s engineered to perfection too, with grippy all-wheel drive, plush air suspension and acoustic cleverness to melt those miles away. It’s the SUV future right now.


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Fuel Savings

Break free from your PCP

Salary sacrifice allows you to pay for your electric car before income tax. The same applies to servicing, tyres and motor insurance, saving you a bundle on your running costs too. What's more, there's

  • no deposit;
  • no credit check; and
  • no personal finance agreement.

It’s a single monthly deduction from your gross pay – before income tax and national insurance contributions. It's typically about half the cost of an equivalent PCP or personal lease. A no-brainer!

Break free from your PCP

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