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MG A true British legend

MG – an abbreviation of Morris Garages (put that in your arsenal for your next pub quiz) – was established in 1924 and personally owned by William Morris, a British motoring pioneer. Cecil Kimber, the general manger, deserves a shout out too for his designs of the first MGs produced in their factory in Oxford.

Now closing in on 100 years in the automotive industry, MG has set its sights to the future with the release of its first all-electric car, the MG ZS EV electric SUV, with a few more up its sleeve that we're not supposed to know about yet. And it’s a beaut.
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Imagine a compact all-electric hatchback that does much of what the VW ID.3 can do for way less cash. That’s the MG4 EV in a nutshell, making it your hot ticket to zero-emissions driving. This isn’t your old school MG on a defibrillator either – the 4 EV is based on MG’s trick new Modular Scalable Platform with the latest battery tech, bang up-to-date infotainment and totally generous equipment as standard too. Check it out!


Budget SUVs are the hens' wisdom teeth of EVs but MG has cracked it with the ZS. Despite being affordable it's also loaded with kit like touchscreen infotainment and driver assistance tech while Trophy or Trophy Connect add wireless charging, adaptive cruise control and all sorts of cool stuff. The regular lithium ion battery packs 51.1kWh with frisky 176PS performance and up to 198 miles' range. Long Range upgrades to a 72.6kWh battery and a huuuge 273 miles of zero-emissions freedom. Decisions decisions
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Ding ding ding, the MG5 EV has entered the all-electric estate car ring. And with its eye-popping 214-mile range and nippy zippy charge time, the gloves are off. Check out all the fab features Europe's first SW bodystyle-d EV has to offer.
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A smash hit in the all-electric crossover SUV arena, the MG ZS EV will be turning heads wherever it goes. Packed to the gills with awesome tech and gorgeous design features, this is for sure a car to consider in your electric switch.
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