MINI An (electric) icon

MINI is a British automotive icon. Thanks to the creativity of Alec Issigonis, top engineer of Morris Company, we got to see the classic MINI for the first time in 1959. It also has origins in the Cooper Car Company. John Cooper loved the classic MINI, and in 1961, the addition of Cooper racing engineering resulted in the first MINI Cooper. Fast forward nearly 60 years and we are saying hello to the first ever all-electric MINI, the MINI Electric. It’s proper brill.

The MINI Electric was first revealed as a concept car way back in 2017. And MINI actually built 600 all-electric MINI E cars back in 2009. But those weren’t for sale and were used to inform development of the BMW i range. Anyway. The MINI Electric is finally here and we love it. 

MINI Electric

MINI by name mighty by nature, the MINI Electric will be right up your emission-free street. Fully customisable for the fashion-conscious with awesome tech like smart cruise control and an intuitive touchscreen. What’s not to love?
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Countryman Electric

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