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Porsche Electric since day one

Thanks to the brilliant engineering skills of Ferdinand Porsche (no prizes for guessing where the brand name comes from), we have the wicked whips we see on the streets today. And Porsche said they’ll invest more than $6 billion into electric mobility through 2025. They mean business. And you can see that with their first all-electric car, the gorgeous Porsche Taycan. Fun fact, Ferdinand’s first designs had electric motors back in 1898. So Porsche are way ahead of the curve.

This German automobile manufacturer isn’t messing around. Born from the Mission E concept, the Porsche Taycan was declared the most important innovation driver in the global automotive market, with 13 world firsts. Look out Tesla, Porsche is in the mix.


The Porsche Taycan...it’s a wicked fast car. A supercar that you can actually fit in (with an impressive boot to boot), the Porsche Taycan slots comfortably between the Panamera and Porsche 911 in terms of performance and overall awesomeness. Plus, it’s electric.

Taycan Cross Turismo

The Cross Turismo rolls everything that's awesome about the regular Porsche Taycan, then adds a sleek shooting-brake body for a win-win-win – more rear headroom, a bigger boot that’ll swallow your entire active lifestyle, plus a mega handy electric hatchback. There’s also chunkier body styling, a raised height and even gravel mode to power you over slippery surfaces. The rest is business as usual, including all-wheel drive and cushy air suspension, massively powerful electric drivetrains and an interior jam full of super-advanced technology.