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Ford Explorer

Ford Charging through history

Ford's electric journey is a rollercoaster of innovation, from early experiments to today's EV marvels. They've dabbled, stumbled, but ultimately zoomed into the electric future with gusto. Picture Ford, the old-time car maker, donning a high-tech suit and zipping past with electric flair. From eco-concepts to road-ready electrics, they've plugged into the future, proving you can teach an old dog new, electric tricks.
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Ford introduces an electrifying twist to its iconic Explorer, tailored for European roads with the help of top rivals. This compact electric crossover boasts unmistakably American design, innovative features, and a collaboration with VW, promising a thrilling and eco-conscious ride.
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Mustang Mach-E

Meet the Ford Mustang Mach-E: a striking blend of iconic design and electric innovation. This vehicle redefines muscle car heritage with a sustainable twist, offering exhilarating performance tailored for the environmentally conscious driver.
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Puma Gen-E

Get ready to meet the future of driving: the all-new fully electric Ford Puma Gen-E. A sleek design meets cutting-edge technology in this eco-friendly powerhouse.