• Rivian

Rivian Great slogan. Greater cars.

Keep the world adventurous forever. That’s the kind of slogan I can get behind. Founded by R.J Scaringe in 2009 under a different name, Rivian was in stealth mode until it bought an old Mitsubishi factory in Normal, Illinois in 2017. Since then – without selling a single car – Rivan has racked up an insane amount of investment from the likes of Ford and Amazon. And when you look at their gorgeous initial models, the R1S and R1T, you see why. R.J. has an actual PhD in engineering from M.I.T. And the innovative designs of the R1S and R1T reap the rewards. Rivian wants to do for trucks what Tesla is doing for cars. Poor old Elon, everyone’s coming for him!
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A five or seven-seat SUV that’s gnarly like a Jeep but doesn’t spill fuel down its chin when it gets excited and can leave the old dinosaur for dead when you stomp on the accelerator (thanks to quad e-motors). Plus, it looks utterly gorgeous.
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An EV truck created by super-cool US start-up Rivian, it boasts two e-motors on each axle for all-wheel drive, 400 miles-plus of guilt-free motoring and get this – more horsepower than a Ferrari F8 supercar. So. Cool.