Rivian R2

Rivian R2

Pre-Order Now | New 2026 Model

Buckle up for an electrifying journey with the Rivian R2, the latest addition to the Rivian family. With its futuristic design, cutting-edge tech, and safety features that rival a fortress, this midsize electric crossover is ready to revolutionize your drive.

Salary Sacrifice

EcoMute and save
By opting for the Rivian R2 through a salary sacrifice arrangement, you're not just getting a car; you're unlocking a treasure chest of savings. Imagine slashing your motoring costs by over 50% compared to traditional financing methods. Thanks to pre-tax arrangements, VAT relief, and exclusive corporate discounts, driving an eco-friendly vehicle has never been more affordable. It's not just a car; it's a financial no-brainer.
SDG Wheel

EcoMute Evolution

Drive Green, Save the Planet
Leasing the Rivian R2 through our EcoMute programme is a double win for the environment. It significantly lowers both corporate Scope 3 GHG emissions and your personal carbon footprint. This initiative not only positions your employer as a leader in sustainability but also empowers you to be an eco-warrior on the road, making every mile count towards a greener planet.

SDG Steering

Aligning with Global Aims
Driving the Rivian R2 aligns your commute with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This electric marvel embodies principles of sustainable cities, responsible consumption, and climate action, making every trip an affirmative step towards a more sustainable and equitable world.
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11

City Solutions

Urban Impact
The Rivian R2 champions SDG 11 by promoting sustainable urban mobility. Its zero emissions contribute to cleaner air, while its compact design eases urban congestion, making cities more livable for everyone.
United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12

Responsible Consumption

Eco Charge
Charging the R2 with the UK's renewable energy resources furthers SDG 12's objectives. It showcases responsible consumption and production patterns, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering carbon emissions.
United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13

Climate Champion

Cooler Commutes
Driving the Rivian R2 contributes directly to SDG 13 by cutting down your carbon footprint. This electric SUV embodies the shift towards more sustainable transportation methods, helping combat climate change one mile at a time.

Join the Movement

Embrace the EcoMute way
Ready to make a difference? Joining our EcoMute programme is straightforward. With a simple sign-up, you'll embark on a journey towards sustainable mobility, enjoying lower costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Become part of the growing community of EcoMuters, driving change one electric mile at a time.
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The Rivian R2 is just the beginning. Through our EcoMute programme, you're spoilt for choice with a wide range of electric vehicles. From sleek sedans to spacious SUVs, find your ideal match and join the electric revolution, benefiting from incredible savings and making a positive impact on the planet.