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Jeep Uncle Sam guns for EV glory

Jeep was literally built to save the world when it arrived on the scene back in 1941, and sure enough, it promptly bounded to the rescue in World War Two. Now the all-American action hero is focused on saving the planet with an incoming line-up of incredible all-electric powertrains. In fact, by 2030, every Jeep sold in Europe will be zero emissions.

New generation Jeeps still look harder than Arnie, still monster it off-road with their raised ride heights, and they’re still awesomely versatile whatever you throw at ’em. These days, though, pure electric propulsion means Jeeps don’t leave a trace whether you’re cruising city streets or bounding to the beach. Talk about freedom.

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Under that chunky body, you’ve got 115kW performance, the ability to cruise for up to 248 miles on a charge plus Jeep’s off-road expertise distilled into the nifty SelecTerrain controller – whether it’s tarmac, snow, mud or sand, you’ll just keep on truckin’. Plus, the Avenger’s totally loaded with the latest infotainment and driver-assist features.
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Wagoneer S

The Jeep Wagoneer S is a pure electric large SUV with a plush five-seat interior. It's nearly as big as the Audi Q8 e-tron, catering to elite customers who want an electric SUV that’s as tough as it is classy, and stands out in a sea of European luxury models.