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Suzuki A Bold Move into the All-Electric Future

Suzuki, a leader in compact cars and motorcycles, is now making strides in the electric vehicle market with the introduction of its all-electric lineup. Committed to sustainable mobility, Suzuki is leveraging its partnership with Toyota to develop advanced electric technologies. The upcoming Suzuki eVX concept car, with its 342-mile range, embodies the brand's vision for eco-friendly innovation, blending performance with environmental consciousness. This marks a significant step in Suzuki's journey towards a greener future.
Launch Date | 2025


Introducing the Suzuki eVX concept car: a pioneering electric crossover that offers an impressive 342-mile range on a 60kWh battery. Set to debut in 2025, the eVX blends Suzuki's rugged 4x4 legacy with modern electric vehicle technology, promising a seamless blend of performance, sustainability, and innovative design