BMW German (electric) efficiency

‘Power of Choice’ is BMW’s rallying cry to show their commitment to selling more than 7-million hybrid and pure-electric vehicles by the end of 2030. Their new sustainability plan has already seen the release of the hugely successful all-electric BMW i3, with the i5 and i7 due to headline their ambitious 9 model growth plan (which also includes the MINI electric).

This historic German manufacturer has already sold more than half a million electric cars. If the BMW iX3 SUV and sporty i4 are anything to go by (and the concept iNEXT for that matter), then exciting – and electrifying – days are ahead.


Small yet mighty, the BMW i3 has set the standard for electric superminis. Packed full of tech like active cruise control and Apple CarPlay™, the BMW i3 is a brilliant and reliable electric hatchback.


Currently in the pre-production stage, while we don’t know too much about the final specs of the BMW i4, from what we’ve seen: it’s a minimalist gran coupé masterpiece, sure to include all the fab next-gen tech of cars like the i3 and iX3.


The iX3 is far more than an electric carbon copy of the X3. BMW’s first all-electric SUV features next-gen tech, brilliant range and a performance that only an electric car can give.
Concept car


BMW has hailed the iNEXT as the ‘dawn of a new era’. Their next intelligent electric car, if you will. It’s rumoured to top the scale at an eye-watering £100,000 when it finally hits the roads, but this all-electric SUV has more tricks up its sleeve than Paul Daniels.