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BMW's journey into the electric unknown began with a spark and a dream, transforming from petrol-heads to electric enthusiasts. They first dabbled in electric with the quirky 1972 BMW 1602e, then made a bold leap with the i3, charming the socks off eco-conscious drivers. Now, they're zipping into the future with sleek, powerful electric models that promise to electrify your commute without skimping on luxury or fun. They've gone from gas guzzlers to green machines, proving you can teach an old dog new electric tricks.
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The perfect car for those who want to go green without sacrificing style or performance. With a sleek design and powerful electric engine, the iX1 will have you zipping around town in style while leaving a smaller carbon footprint. And let's be honest, nothing beats the feeling of silently cruising down the motorway, leaving those gas-guzzling behemoths in the dust. So, if you're in the market for a car that's both environmentally friendly and a total head-turner, the BMW iX1 is the one for you.
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Seeking an electric compact crossover? BMW's IX2, a "Sports Activity Coupé," offers sporty design, high-tech interior, and cutting-edge safety. With ample range, it's perfect for jaunts from London to Belgium.
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This eco-friendly ride is the perfect companion for those who want to save the planet without compromising on style and comfort. With a sleek design that'll make heads turn, the iX3 is packed with features that will make your heart skip a beat. From the futuristic digital cockpit to the impressive range of up to 285 miles on a single charge, this baby is a real game-changer. So buckle up, put on your eco-warrior cape and get ready to feel the power of electric driving.
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Hold onto your tweed caps, because BMW has unleashed the i4, an all-electric ride that'll have you feeling like James Bond, minus the gadgets (unless you count Bluetooth). This sleek beauty boasts a range of up to 366 miles on a single charge, making it perfect for a road trip to the Cotswolds or a quick escape from the in-laws. And with a top speed of 120 mph, you'll have no trouble outrunning the paparazzi (or that pesky Prius). So, grab your driving gloves, crank up the AC/DC, and let's hit the road, shall we? The future is electric, and it looks oh-so-good in a BMW i4.
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Prepare to be electrified! BMW has unleashed their latest masterpiece, the all-new i5, and it's a real shock to the system. This electric wonder is not your typical four-door saloon- it's sleek, stylish and oh-so-silent. It's like driving a ninja in a tuxedo - you'll turn heads without even making a sound. And with its cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly performance, you'll feel like you're driving into the future (minus the flying cars and hoverboards). So fasten your seatbelts and get ready to experience the thrill of the electric ride - the BMW i5 Saloon has arrived.
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i5 Touring

Discover the BMW i5 Touring, the newest addition to our electric car range. This innovative vehicle combines luxury, performance, and sustainability, offering a premium electric driving experience. Perfect for those seeking an eco-friendly yet powerful car, the i5 Touring redefines electric mobility.
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This futuristic SUV isn't just a pretty face, it's got brains too, with an electric powertrain that's smoother than a baby's bottom. And don't be fooled by its size, this baby can go from 0 to 60 quicker than you can say "shocking acceleration". With the iX, you can finally have your cake and eat it too - style, power, and sustainability all rolled into one sleek and sexy package. So buckle up and get ready for a ride that's as electrifying as it is electrified.
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The i7 is your first-class ticket to ultimate eco-luxury, proving that going large doesn’t have to equal planetary destruction. Technology and comfort top this business leader’s agenda – a plush and spacious interior plays host to gorgeous leather or more sustainable Veganza while the totally awesome BMW Curved Display is at your beck-and-call. Above all this electric BMW remains an Ultimate Driving Machine and still goes like a dream on the long way home.
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Vision Neue Klasse X

Buckle up for a glimpse into the future of driving with BMW's Vision Neue Klasse X. This prototype luxury SUV is more than just eye candy, it's a showcase of cutting-edge design, tech wizardry, and safety innovations.
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Embrace the future with the BMW i3 "NA0", a marvel in the electric vehicle domain. Drawing inspiration from the innovative "Neue Klasse" concept, this new iteration promises a blend of luxury, performance, and environmental consciousness, setting new benchmarks in the electric car industry.
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Discover the BMW i2, a revolutionary step in electric mobility. Embodying BMW's commitment to sustainable innovation, the i2 offers an impressive balance of performance, efficiency, and cutting-edge design. Experience the future of driving with this embodiment of electric excellence.
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Introducing the BMW i1, the future of electric mobility. A masterpiece of innovation, it promises unparalleled efficiency, sustainability, and driving pleasure. Engineered for the eco-conscious driver, the i1 is set to redefine the electric vehicle (EV) landscape with its cutting-edge technology and revolutionary design.