BMW i4

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This is where the BMW i4 range kicks off. You get BMW’s classic rear-wheel-drive layout, a scorching 340PS from a single electric motor and 0-62mph in under 5.8 seconds. Whoop! Plus this entry-level i4 will do up to 366 miles on a single charge and give you more than 86 miles in just 10 minutes on a fast-charger. You get the new iDrive with 12.3-inch screen to check all the vital signs (speed, range, that kind of stuff) and another 14.9-inch whopper next to it, with the two curving round and linking up together like some huge widescreen TV.

There’s also Park Distance Control and a rear-view camera as standard. Choose from super-cool 17-inch to 19-inch alloys, everything from standard eco-friendly Alcantara/Sensatec upholstery through to Vernasca leather and either glossy black or aluminium ‘Mesheffect’ trim finishers – the perfect foil for those flashy screens! Top it all off in one of six colours with frozen grey accents and away you go.

Lease a BMW i4 with Salary Sacrifice and save up to 50%

Rev up your savings and put the brakes on unnecessary expenses. Lease the BMW i4 from your pre-tax income, via salary sacrifice, and save up to 50% of your hard-earned income. Don't let personal loans and leases run you off the road - take control and hit the savings pedal now.


The eye-popping features of the BMW i4
Causing quite a stir among car enthusiasts, this sleek electric saloon boasts a design that's sure to turn heads, with its sharp lines and distinctive front grille. But it's not just a pretty face - the i4 also comes packed with safety features like collision warning and lane departure assistance, as well as cutting-edge tech like a massive touchscreen display and voice-activated controls. With its impressive range and eco-friendly credentials, the i4 is the perfect choice for those who want to combine style, safety, and sustainability all in one package.


Save the world and your wallet
With this beauty on the road, you're not just saving the planet, you're doing it in style. But it's not just about looking good. The i4 is powered by the UK's sustainable energy sources, meaning you can charge your battery guilt-free, knowing you're not contributing to harmful emissions. And with the ability to charge from a standard outlet or a supercharger, you can hit the road with ease and without sacrificing style for sustainability.

So why should you order one? Because the i4 isn't just a car, it's a statement. It's a statement that you care about the planet, that you want to look good while doing it, and that you're committed to a brighter, greener future. Plus, with the i4's impressive range and powerful performance, you won't have to compromise on driving experience.

What are you waiting for? Order your BMW i4 today and join the movement towards a more sustainable future.

Save with Salary Sacrifice

Break free from your PCP

Salary sacrifice allows you to pay for your electric car before income tax. The same applies to servicing, tyres and motor insurance, saving you a bundle on your running costs too. What's more, there's: 

  • no deposit;
  • no credit check; and
  • no personal finance agreement.

It’s a single monthly deduction from your gross pay – before income tax and national insurance contributions. It's typically about half the cost of an equivalent PCP or personal lease. A no-brainer!

Break free from your PCP

Superlow Running Costs

75% less on fill-ups
Forget big bills at the petrol station. The only cost of filling up your electric vehicle is the electricity you use to charge your EV battery. Costing an average of £0.03 a mile, you can save up to 75% in fuel costs alone, every month. Bet your combustion SUV doesn’t give you a full tank and change from a tenner.

Salary Sacrifice Awesomeness

It's like free money
Too good to be true? Nope. The Government want you to drive an electric vehicle as much as we do. They’re lopping off up to £2,500 of the OTR price of every new electric car (that costs up to £35,000), which lowers the lease price. Oh. And they'll even give you a grant for installing a home-charger too.

Clean Air Zone Freedom

Up to 100% discount
Driving through London and other city centres is getting expensive. But not if you switch to an electric vehicle. Forget paying the £12.50 ULEZ fee (expanding to the North and South Circular from October 2021) and the £15 Congestion Charge. If you drive electric, it’s free. Lovely.

Get a BMW I4 lease

Soooo, now what?
We’re here to make switching to electric simple and fun. Let’s chat about how awesome the BMW i4 is (and all our other cars while we’re at it) and we can calculate your exact savings as well as come up with a personalised BMW i4 lease price. Go on, give us a bell on 020 8012 8190 and we'll sort you out.

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