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Kia Affordable (EV) luxury

Seoul-based automotive behemoths Kia stormed into the EV market with the Kia e-Soul and e-Niro, taking over the affordable electric car market like Caesar descending on Rome. The first-gen SUV e-Soul was on the road waaay back in 2014 (undergoing a serious upgrade in 2020), showing Kia has always been ahead of the game.

With the e-Niro following suit in the popularity stakes with Tesla-style long range, we’re ultimately hoping their concept Futuron, Habaniro and Imagine cars hit the road.


One of the most popular electric hatchbacks out there, the Kia e-Niro mixes great design with innovative tech like smart cruise control, blind spot detection and wireless phone charging. Plus, it has great range across all three trims.

Soul EV

If you’re looking to lease a great electric SUV then look no further than the Kia Soul. It’s 2020 model has kept its distinctive Soul-y shape but undergone some redesigns. This is the glow up of 2020.
Concept car


With a body like a fighter jet, the Kia Futuron could drive across the Moon without the locals looking twice. It looks set to feature insane all-wheel drive performance, tech to rival Telsa and Level 4 autonomous driving. Nice.
Concept car


I mean, you’ve just gotta look at how the Habaniro’s doors open to realise Kia is right on the money with this one. Rumour has it that it might even make production. When it does, it will be an AWD all-electric SUV of our dreams.
Concept car


The Kia Imagine imagines (…) what it’s luxury GT-cum-SUV of the future might look like. And it looks pretty great to us. Cool styling mixes with some quite far-flung concepts. But that’s why we love concept cars. The more ridiculous the better.