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about us

Together we're electric

This is our mantra. It underpins everything we believe in. We believe that together we can keep the air cleaner, push for more efficient and safer transportation, while getting everyone into some super cool cars.
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Our Trustpilot rating reflects our commitment to providing outstanding service and support in electric car salary sacrifice programmes. Trusted by over 800 UK businesses, our expertise ensures a smooth, beneficial experience for both employers and employees.
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The Founders

We imagined a future...

In 2019, three friends envisioned a future dominated by electric cars in a world on the brink of an eco-revolution. WeVee emerged from this vision, leading the charge towards a sustainable tomorrow with its EcoMute programme. This simple, innovative scheme makes embracing electric cars effortless for businesses, heralding a new era of green commuting.

Photo: Chad, Rafique, and Paul celebrate opening the first WeVee office in King's Cross, London in April 2019

WeVee in Kings Cross