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about us

Together we're electric

This is our mantra. It underpins everything we believe in. We believe that together we can keep the air cleaner, push for more efficient and safer transportation, while getting everyone into some super cool cars.

It's time to go zero-emission
Electric vehicles are our future. And the faster we can adopt them as a community, the faster all our lives can improve that much more. But to make that happen we need more cars on the road. Electric cars. So we created WeVee to make that happen faster and easier. We want to show you the whole range of electric cars and vans that are available now, coming soon and those concept cars that are just stupidly cool.

We also built WeVee into a hub for everything EV. From EV basics to EVs for business, we’re going to take out all the jargon and make EVs easy to understand. All so you’re comfortable in choosing the best one for you. So go on. Why not give us a call on 020 8012 8190. We're a friendly bunch. Not salesy business. Promise.