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Polestar Fighting for pole position

Polestar started out in 1996. Back then it was known as Flash Engineering, established by racing driver Jan ”Flash” Nilsson. In 2005 it got the name Polestar – referencing the frozen north of Sweden, pole position, and being a star in racing. A lot to pack into one name. And their first all-electric car, the Polestar 2, is similarly packed to the gills with tech, performance, and innovative features. Launching themselves as an electric performance car brand in 2017, Polestar rules.

Polestar promises all-electric vehicles only from now on. And though it’s owned by Volvo, the brands are worlds apart. Just take a look at their concept car (or as they call it, a commitment car) the Polestar Precept. It’s insane.

Polestar 2

Redefined as an electric ‘fastback’, this high-performance Volvo-backed EV means serious business. It’s the first to run Android Auto with Google Assistance, has outrageously cool tech (like pixel LEDs), stunning design, and even purifies the air you breathe.
Concept car


Don’t let the Polestar 2 steal all your attention. The Precept concept is the flagship of Polestar’s future design direction. We’re talking sleek lines, huge alloys and dreamy electric performance. Oh yeah, and super-cool tech like eye tracking to adjust how info is displayed across the driver console. Cool.