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AIways Up and Aiways

The brilliantly named Gary Gu hasn’t been slacking since founding Chinese EV start-up firm Aiways in 2017. They have already set themselves up as a rival to the Kia e-Niro with their stylish-yet-affordable electric SUV, the U5. Plans to conquer Europe continue with hints of a larger and more premium SUV – the inventively named U7 – with their R&D, battery construction and vehicle production teams burning through the midnight oil.

Although a newcomer, Aiways is making waves with sister company Gumpert Aiways. Led by the eponymous Rupert Gumpert – designer of the Apollo supercar that set the lap record at Nurbürging – their electric supercar RG Nathalie purports to have a 2.5s 0-60mph and a top speed of 190mph. One to keep an eye on.


Aiways’ flagship all-electric SUV. Smooth, suave and spacious it mixes minimalist design with a heck loada tech. It’s got a 3-screen HD driver display, automatic parking and a ton of driver assistance technology.